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A Virtual Call Center that helps you reach the dream of being your own boss.


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Be Your Own Boss

By working from home as a contractor there is not a manager or supervisor to report to. You are responsible for your self. You are a business owner.

Virtual Environment

Everything you do is in the virtual world.  Signing up for the Arise platform is easy. you just visit and signup using the
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Everything is handled in the virtual world from signing up, training, servicing your intervals to getting paid. We offer a direct deposit to your bank on payday. Payroll is twice a month.

No need to drive to the office because it is just in the other room.

One of the benefits of working from home is you do not need to worry about having gas money or upkeep on a car. There is no need for a work attire and special colors or fabrics. You can even work in your workout clothes or pajamas.


High-Speed Internet

Enabling Your Success

PC Requirements

  • A desktop/tower computer with a separate

  • monitor is recommended.

  • Dual boot machines, Netbooks, and Tablets are

  • prohibited from use.

  • All-in-One computers are not currently compatible

  • with any client programs.

  • Depending on what client program an agent

  • chooses to service, the use of the Arise Secure

  • Desktop (ASD) may be required.

Man Working

System and Equipment needed

CPU Speed
Dual-core 2.8 GHz or better
Intel i class or AMD Phenom X2 class or better
Atom, Celeron, Pentium and Opteron processors are not permitted
Hard Drive 20 GB or more of available space
60 GB or more of total space
Memory 4 GB of RAM minimum
8 GB of RAM or better is preferable
Operating System Windows 10
Windows 8/8.1 not supported by some clients
Standard Connection
and Speed
Hard-wired connection (no wireless)
Minimum 10 mbps download / Minimum 3 mbps upload
Maximum Latency Threshold 120 milliseconds (ms)
Monitor Recommendations
1280 x 1024 (SXGA) screen resolution
1920 x 1080 (Full HD or 1080p)
Dual monitors may be required on some client programs

Please note: These requirements are minimum requirements for use of the Arise Platform only. Certain client programs may
have increased, or additional, requirements. Please review all opportunity announcements carefully for details regarding such
Agents must service on the computer they use to perform the PC Scan at time of enrollment. If it is determined the computer
is different than the one used at time of enrollment, and it is incompatible with the client program, neither a refund nor a
voucher will be issued.
System and Equipment Policy


Accessories, Software and Internet/Phone Service


USB headset with microphone
(required for Certification)
Logitech, Plantronics, Microsoft, or similar brands recommended.
• Plantronics (Model 79730-01)
• Logitech USB H570e
• Jabra UC VOICE 150

Hard-wired Telephone and
headset (required for
• AGPtek Call Center Dialpad
• Plantronics S12

Internet Explorer 11 on
Windows 8 or 10
(Optional) Mozilla Firefox or
Chrome for Windows
Certain client programs may require specific versions of Windows. Windows 8/8.1 are
not supported by some clients.
Please see the Client Opportunity Announcement for details.
*Chrome is not compatible while registering to use the Arise Platform

Windows Defender for
Windows 8 or 10
Other security software may be incompatible and should be avoided. Technical
support may be refused if your software configuration is not compatible with the Arise
Platform or is determined to cause incompatibilities with client required servicing
Service Partners and their agents are responsible for maintaining the security and
reliability of their equipment. The following items are considered security risks to the
Arise Platform and, upon detection, may subject your business to the suspension or
termination of its MSA or SOW:
• Malware infected software
• Virtualized Operating Systems (i.e.: VMWare, Parallels, etc.)
• Non-Arise provided VPN software or Proxy settings
• TOR or other privacy software
System and Equipment Policy


Accessories, Software and Internet/Phone Service
Providers (continued)

Hard-Wired Broadband
Internet service via DSL,
Cable, or Fiber Optic
The use of wireless internet connections to access any Arise system at any time is
prohibited, even if the connection is encrypted.
Connectivity to the Arise Platform through an unauthorized Proxy Service or unauthorized
VPN Service is strictly prohibited.
Additionally, Satellite, Microwave, and Cellular Hotspot Internet Services are not
USB connected modems are not supported.

Creative Working

Hard-Wired Land Line
Telephone Service
Unless stated otherwise in the Opportunity Announcement, most client programs are
compatible with the following types of services: POTS (plain old telephone service),
cable telephony, digital service, or VoIP through a physical hard phone, i.e. a tangible
device that sits on your desktop.
The service should be connected directly from the wall to your telephone.
Softphones (an application that is installed on your computer) and cell phones are not
The servicing telephone line should not interface at any point with the computer.
All servicing telephone lines should not have voicemail, fax, or other features on the
line (other than unlimited long distance,


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